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"It would not be justified," say the followers of Maxim Galkin

It seems that the comedian posted a photo of her youth, trying to fool the public

Maxim Galkin was just joking around, laying in your Instagram photos cheap hotels in Tyumen. For this he came under a barrage of criticism. Like, most of his fans, and his wife, and such hotels can not afford. The comedian "grabbed star disease," commented subscribers.

"Infa for those who are worried about my being detached from Russian reality — this is my room, quite ordinary... and Yes, in the reserved seat I also traveled a lot," he tried to justify Galkin new post.

«Лучше бы не оправдывался», — считают подписчики Максима Галкина

Members believe that Maxim sharply помолодел

That's nothing he did, writing to followers. In the picture Maxim clearly at least ten years less than now. For example, it not only dramatically younger, but grew his hair for one day, which was held between his publications.


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