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Nikita Dzhigurda was admitted to the true causes of divorce with Anisina those

The actor spoke about the love triangle

A few days ago in the Network there were rumors that Nikita Dzhigurda has parted ways with Marina Anisina those for mistress. And it is the designer Donna Moon, with which the artist was going to work together. In the air one of the shows showed footage of Nikita was in bed with a woman, after which he, of course, immediately attributed the novel. However, as told by the artist, this video has granted former Director Dzhigurda Antonina Savrasov, which is now the star family is in a state of enmity, because, according to Nikita, Antonina talks about them a lie.

"And suddenly there was a photo on the screen where me and her in bed. Antonina is brought to them. I said, "Sorry, we're shooting a clip for the New year on the poems of Ivan Kononov. Mystical-esoteric. This is a frame from the clip“, — told the artist.

It turns out that Donna Moon Dzhigurda has long been familiar: "one and a half years ago we met Donna Moon, her own theatre stones, the living. It is esoteric MAG. We were going to do a joint jewelry line, skulls, but failed — after the godless slander Gorina. This week was thrown in a lie, but this edition never with me did not interview.“

The words of the artist herself has confirmed ex-wife Marina Anisina, which was also at the press conference. "I was familiar with Donna Moon, we talked, I saw the clip in full. We have common projects, we cooperate very well in Europe. I do not understand why all pick up information that throws Antonina, who knows nothing, — Marina told. — Because she cannot know everything. The story was when she called Nikita, some nasty things said to me. It took exactly three minutes, she had called me and began to say, "stoned out of the chair, his Baba, thank God you didn't meet with him". But at this point we were sitting... you Know, she has a desire to get into TV screens. Hence this propaganda and planting false information. I don't have time to study the press to find out what is written there. I have two children, I live in France and advice on figure skating. Antonina is a typical representative of the people who are trying to cling to celebrities, vbrasyvaya information and it is not thinking that she might hurt. It is, for example, catapulted the nonsense that I kicked him out of the apartment. I'm a sensitive person and don't do those things. Antonina I probably revenge like a woman. When we met Morrice, he was like an idol for her, perhaps it had remained. It hurt when I dismissed her from Nikita Dzhigurda. She strung me along against his ex-wife.“

Никита Джигурда признался в истинных причинах развода с Анисиной

To meet with the media Dzhigurda came in the company of the alleged "mistress" Donna moon ( right)Photo:

Donna Moon, who was allegedly the mistress of Dzhigurda, also came to the meeting with the media.

"Me, this whole situation upset because we had planned an ambitious project in Venice. I was even willing to stand up for the honor Dzhigurda, but unfortunately, he alienated me and said that I will appear in a year. I can say that the era of Aquarius, we are like two esoteric know that all will be well. I tried to be with Nikita mental side, because he's not allowed“, — told the Moon.

However, the journalists managed to hear Dzhigurda what really then was the reason for breaking up with Marina Anisina those. It turned out that it.. a banned substance, which he started using after the events in the Donbass.

"For me it was a way out, because I am from Donbass. Then Marina gave me an ultimatum: either I quit the drugs, or we're getting divorced. I do not accept ultimatums, and took advantage of Sergei Zhorin. He said that I sit on the hard drugs that I'm gay. But I passed every test and proved that it is a lie. By the way, I have already said that I'm willing to lead a gay pride parade, if a man admits his homosexuality, like Elton John. Because gay people in the province suffer."

By the way, at the conference of the chair also admitted that it was the support Anisina those, he was allowed to get out of difficulties, which in recent times is filled with the life of the artist. And in order to meet her at ice shows, he even had to go to the trick: "I then skating could barely stand. I zvonil producers: "You are standing on the ice?" I said, "I'm on the ice, like a God!" And here I come, put on skates, Marina tells me, "Well go". I'm so bent, I went 30 years still stood on skates. She said, "Lord, you have the center of gravity between the legs! I was told that you are on the ice standing like a God." Oh right, "I said, standing on the ice? Well, I'm like a God!"


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