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Because jokes Galkina Panin recalled the scandal with a dog

The artists continue their battle

After Gosha Kutsenko, a poem about coming out amerianskie actor Kevin spacey broke out Maxim Galkin. In it, he mentioned earlier unflattering comment about him Alexei Panin. According to Galkina, in the movie his abuser "did everything they could", and now his goal is to expose the unconventional inclinations of celebrities, because he has repeatedly demonstrated.

Publication of Alexey Panin (@alekseypanin77)Oct 31 2017 6:12 PDT

First Panina even amused video parodist. He looked at his daughter with the NUS and called Galkina "very talented". But after a few hours walking around the Mall, recorded a continuation of the battle, where he called it straight and ironically apologized to a colleague for something that wove in the story of Alla Borisovna. And today, Panin again struck the opponent with criticism for what he people remembered the scandal with a dog.


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