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Sobyanin explained for the fight business and a romance with Vorobiev

The singer was upset with the rumors about her personal life

Recently, journalists reported that in Greece there was a fight between two wealthy Cavaliers of Anna Semenovich. Knowing that this was written in the Network, the singer decided to shed some light on the situation. Courting a Greek businessman Stefanac she began to take after it became clear the intention of the entrepreneur from Switzerland: the one and decided not to get her married. According to her, there was no fight — men only spoke to each other in loud tones, that attracted the attention of the police.

The singer commented recently attributed to her romance with Alexei Vorobiev, with whom they worked together on the music video "Wanna be with you", and the New year plan to release another video for the song Semenovich. According to Anna, with Alex they met on the show "Ice age". Since then, the singer became a great respect for the talent of the young man. But their relationship was never anything more than friendship, reports The actress stressed that she has a taboo on office romances. However, to deny such cases in the future, Anna did not.


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