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Star mothers was published

Representatives of the musical establishment and TV stars gathered in the restaurant on the water to get the cherished prizes at a secular award Oksana Fedorova

Among the guests were allocated Valeria, Angelica, Christina Aguilera, Yana Koshkina, Anna Semenovich with her friend Anastasia Grebenkina, young mothers Maria Kozhevnikova, Zara, Jasmine and, of course, your hostess Oxana Fedorova.

Despite the fact that the hall was not very big, the stars were placed on this celebration of life even in their magnificent dresses. Oxana Fedorova came to the ceremony alone and the suit not its production. It is known that for some time the presenter became a designer. "The rare occasion when I'm not in his. This is a suit from Rachel Zoe, American fashion stylist, some of her things at such events I like to wear. It's kind of a middle ground between glamour and elegance," commented the former "Miss universe" its very strict compared to the rest of the outfit. The absence of relatives Oksana explained very simply. "They are still small for such events, so I try not to take with them. I have a babysitter that I can leave the children," — said a young mother.

Звездные мамы вышли в свет

Anastasia Grebenkina joined the photographers and captured the speech of his girlfriend Anna Semenovicha: materials of press-services

Another young mother, Anastasia Stotskaya, who received the statuette in the category "Musical of the year", also decided to leave a son and a daughter at home. However, as the singer admitted that she now prefers career family matters.

"I can't get anywhere else, so I don't even need to combine work and family. Agree only on what is interesting. Me no enough time, I enjoy every moment, children grow up very quickly. On the sixth of November will mark six months Vera. Of course, not do without assistants. This nurse and mother. However, mom has now gone to gather mushrooms on the Kinburnsky spit. She is an artist and loves to draw, to knit, to make something, likes to gather mushrooms and to plant flowers. Although it may take time, and I too will love it" — admitted Nastya.

Звездные мамы вышли в свет

Anna Semenovich and Dmitry Guberniev all of a sudden acted guatavita: materials of press-services

During the ceremony, the guests are not only well treated, but also happy songs. The performance of Anna Semenovich was one of the most memorable. When Anna came on stage, the audience was very happy, and the master of ceremonies Dmitry Guberniev has become such a hype that even danced along with the singer. Descending from the stage, the host touched the wire and nearly fell that threatened to turn into a disaster. But excellent response sports commentator allowed Dmitry to stay on his feet.

Звездные мамы вышли в свет

Orbakajte received at the ceremony the prize in the nomination "the Best concert show of the year". And was worthy of an award for the best dress, vecherinke: materials of press-services

An unexpected duet with the fun shot with the camera on my phone best friend Anna Semenovich figure skater Anastasia Grebenkina. Judging by the expression on the faces of athletes, all taking place her very amused.

Звездные мамы вышли в свет

One of the latest award came Elena Volatile. In the course of the evening Elena with pleasure communicated with Oksana Fedorova. Apparently she was happy with everything. And, of course, have not abandoned statuette in the nomination "Presenter of the year"Photo: materials of press-services

A very elegant look to the outfit of singer Christina Aguilera, received a mountain of gifts for the victory in the nomination "the Best concert show of the year". To break through to the body of a star and find out where the dress was not all. The singer told what to buy elegant outfit in London. This city is especially close to her, where in due time she gave birth to the eldest son of Nikita. By the way, Nikita was also seen at the party, but something he didn't like, and just a few minutes he disappeared.


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