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Elena Sparrow almost left to live in Magadan

Fans sympathize with his idol, knowing which story was the actress

"So good that you can't leave," reads the caption under the video with the play "the man with the home delivery". However, after enchanting performances in Magadan happened unpredictable. Under forecasts of weather forecasters, the cyclone was coming, and she needed to fly because there's a risk to stay in the town until the abolition of the emergency. But when the plane took off from refueling in Anadyr, it turned out that on Board there is no food. In Anadyr, the company has already thought about where to eat. It turned out that at the airport impossible to buy anything: people from other flights waiting for departure is not the first day and ate it all. But Elena Sparrow learned that thirty kilometers from the airport there is a hotel. The artist called back and ordered meals from a restaurant directly to the airport. On Board, the team returned with hot meals.


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