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What was the last day of his life Gurchenko

Memories of the actress shared her widower

The hero of the new issue of "the Destiny of man" became the sixth husband of Lyudmila Gurchenko, producer Sergey Senin. They met in 1990 on the set of the film adaptation of Nabokov, where the actress played the lead role, though both were officially not free. After some time, they again brought the cooperation, during which zavyazalsya novel, then they were already divorced. Sergey admitted that their Union has repeatedly been condemned due to the fact that he was 25 years younger than his lady.

Каким был последний день жизни Гурченко

The Widower Of Lyudmila Gurchenko Sergey Chistyakov Stinulation

He could remember the events of the last day of the legendary actress, on 30 March 2011. It all started wonderfully: in the morning she sent the script for the biographical movie "I am legend". Together they drank tea and talked. Suddenly Lyudmila Markovna felt a sharp discomfort and asked the wife to call an ambulance. He didn't even have time to finish the address as it is not.

Now their shared apartment became a Museum in memory of Jack. Come and see how to live star of Soviet cinema, can anyone. Senin moved to another house.


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