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Fan Buzova smashed his head onto the glass, in the name of love for his idol

Fans of the new singer do strange things

Have an aspiring singer Olga Buzova appears more and more admirers. In cities across the Soviet Union formed fan clubs of the stars. Fans willing to do anything for their idol to notice them.

One of the fans decided on the strange act and recorded it on video. Young man sitting in the old car and recognized Buzova in love. However, he hits his head on the windshield, begging Olga to like his video on Instagram.

"Olenka, I'm a fan of yours the most faithful, real, for you will turn all the mountains! Olya, pay attention to me!" begs fan.

From bumps the glass was cracked, and if he suffered any head of a young man and drew him to the attention of Buzova, is not known.

Publication of Brazil077 (@xitei)Sep 27 2017 6:58 PDT


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