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Daughter of Stepan Menschikova hospitalized with terrible cramps

Baby mother are in the hospital

Wife of Stepan Menschikova of "House-2" Eugene announced on Instagram that is in the hospital with their eleven-daughter. The girl was having terrible cramps. According to mother, look at it was impossible.

"Got the baby to the hospital, lie 4 day, suddenly out of the blue after a walk started cramping type muscular spasm-that would of course never see or encounter! The child disconnects completely and convulsing!" (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., wrote Eugene. "I had never encountered before and never seen this, as it turned out, there's doctors say that babies have this reaction happens at the temperature, for the first time we did not, but found the SARS virus, the temperature came here and it was repeated convulsions!".

A young woman anxiously turned to his podeschi for advice, maybe someone has encountered a similar reaction in children what to do in such cases. Netizens were quick to reassure the wife men'shchikova and told about similar stories from her life.


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