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The wife and son of the original Plushenko congratulated with the anniversary

On the pages of their social networks, a new video

Three-time world champion and seven-time European champion, Russian figure skater Evgeni Plushenko November 3, celebrates its 35th birthday. Many congratulations from colleagues and friends joined his family — wife Yana Rudkovskaya and 4-year-old son Alexander.

Publication of Dwarf Gnomic (A. Plushenko) (@gnomgnomych)Nov 2 2017 11:49 PDT

"Zhenechka, let fulfill all your dreams and your angels to break all the ice you broke all these years! Your 4 Olympic medals in last 4 Olympic games — an example of how to love the sport to give him as much strength and health, how many gave you!" signed Rudkovskaya clip, assembled from video from a recent wedding, noting that now his life is just beginning. The producer also expressed the hope that their child will continue to sport the path of his father.

Published Yana Rudkovskaya (@rudkovskayaofficial)Nov 3 2017 12:10 PDT

Young son of an athlete, an aspiring model Sasha, in honor of his "first serious" anniversary, dressed up as an angel and read to the camera — operator was made by the mother touching poems. "You're my example and my idol. Health to you and forces," reads the caption under the video in his Instagram.


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