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Sergei Zverev, Jr. married second marriage

The son of a famous stylist has chosen his wife which serves as the hotel

Despite the big name and all the efforts of his father, Sergei Zverev, Jr. is not very lucky in personal life. Probably because the guy quickly threw the modeling career, stopped attending social gatherings and settled in the province. His first marriage lasted a couple of months, friends, including a former participant of "House-2" Rustam Solntsev that the new Union will be more successful, according to "StarHit".

Today Sergey is married second marriage to longtime sweetheart — Julia. Pair has been in a relationship, but does not advertise them. The couple work together at one of the hotels in the suburbs.

"I talked to Julia and asked her a few questions, does she love Sting, he's good. His heart is tender" — shared with journalists the sun, but remembered last marriage Zverev. — "Then all the little differently, and the girl has something different and something spiritual to the Earring concerns".

The wedding took place quietly and modestly, they invited only the closest people.


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