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The young wife of Vadim Kazachenko, the court penalized a million rubles

Counsel Kate Gordon sued lost

Stars of the 90s: no ways not afraid to raise their popularity. Vadim Kazachenko then sounded from the "irons" with the hit "Apples on snow". Many have forgotten about this singer, said he was in the end a drunkard, but a couple of years ago, the artist "emerged" again. The contractor began to appear on the retro discos, where he found a young fan and even bore him a child, he married her, even gave his name — so there was Olga Kazachenko. But then the star announced the marriage was a sham and turned to the lawyers. During this time, the girl in the media have made a name for himself.

Now the court ordered Olga Kazachenko to pay the artist a million rubles in moral damages. He wanted more than 7 million, but because the Union Olga and Vadim were recognized as legitimate, Kazachenko changed the claim, he summarized the money spent on a girl before the wedding, and threw interest. It should be noted that the interests of Olga defended attorney Kate Gordon, and lost.


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