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Today Ksenia Sobchak celebrates 36 birthday

The birthday girl asked for money for her campaign, and her husband — not to spit in it

Today, November 5, Ksenia Sobchak turned 36 years old. TV host and now presidential candidate, wrote in her "Instagrame" how will you spend this day and what he wants as a gift, posting under the post archive photos of the parents.

"For several years I are not satisfied about this party, do not call the hotel. My family and I will go away for a weekend from Moscow to the 7th to return to the city and again this morning with a dive into the maelstrom of election campaign", — said Kseniya. — "Campaign which needs your help. And it would be the best gift for me this birthday."

Сегодня Ксения Собчак отмечает 36 день рождения

Anatoly Sobchak, Lyudmila Narusova and Ксения

Sobchak called on followers to urgently go to the page to her campaign and vote for the candidate. In addition, She is asking fans to volunteer in the upcoming election and to help her with money.

'Each your ruble we need for our overall success. Only together we can win', is campaigning Sobchak. "Well, thank you all for the congratulations and support. Your Xenia".

Maxim Vitorgan congratulating his wife, except for warm words of love and tenderness in her address reminded that he always supports it.

"I'm always behind your shoulder! Remember that when you spit (3 times)!", — joked the actor.

My best girl of the Earth! My wife, mother, tenderness, care, sex, diamond and crystal, dew, and rain! Laugh, create, be of good cheer! And let the whole world drown!;-))) Happy birthday, dear! I'm always behind your shoulder! Remember that when you spit (3 times)!

Publication of Maxim Vitorgan (@mvitorgan) Nov 5 2017 12:45 PDT


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