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Valeria and Joseph Prigozhin was convicted Avraam Russo

In the media discussing the divorce of the Executive with the American wife

The media is already not the first week discussing the breakup Avraam Russo with his American wife Morelos (nee — Feldman). Their marriage lasted 12 years, during this time in their family were two daughters: Emanuella in 2006, and Ave Maria in 2014, as well as a certain amount of property. Ex-wife accuses singer of commercialism, they say, he is ready and her daughters to leave home in new Jersey, where they reside.

Who is right? Who is to blame? The situation is complicated. The journalists took a comment from a former producer Russo, Joseph Prigogine, he is good at close and knows of Abraham.

"I'm not interested in this man at all, I find it hard to forget how he slandered me, not once. This man slandered me, so now I have no thoughts against him," reports the media the words of Prigogine. "He took it from me and the money Telman Ismailov (the former owner of the Cherkizovsky market, — approx. If we hadn't, he wouldn't have strutted and walked in different shows."

If the star is lit, it means that it is necessary for someone, says the producer. Her husband supports the singer Valeria. In her opinion, if Russo has deceived their benefactors, then he can also do with the former spouse. She supports her like a woman — Valeria knows how to live with the husband a tyrant and to be alone with children.


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