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Alexei Panin and Maxim Galkin threatened with a shotgun

New shocking video of the actor is not for the faint of heart

Continue the controversial showdown between Maxim Galkin and Alexey Panin. Comedian and actor periodically exchanged "pleasantries" in social networks. This time the move did Panin. In his Instagram he posted a video that reminded fans of the movie "Zhmurki".

Алексей Панин угрожает Максиму Галкину дробовиком

Members decided that the actor starred in the movie "Zhmurki"

In the video a few good men, headed by Panin surrounded the bound man sitting to the viewer. Actor yells at the prisoner, calling him Maxim Galkin. At some point Alex grabs a shotgun and threatens to shoot the victim's head, but then asks his comrades to take the "Joker" in a Comedy Club.

"The story is fiction. Any similarities to actual events and names are a coincidence," signed his post Panin. — "This movie".

According to Russian law, this video cannot be published in the media — approx.


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