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Divorced Chekhov was fascinated alchole

The actress went to a tasting tour

After confirming the rumors about the divorce with the Georgian actor Guram Bablishvili, Instagram popular TV presenter Anfisa Chekhova began to appear frequently pictures, where the star posing with a glass of wine. Compassionate members expressed their concern for her health, which very soon received a full explanation from the hostess page.

Publication of Anfisa Chekhova (@achekhova)Nov 5 2017 5:52 PST

"You are funny! I went on a wine tour, whose main goal is to taste all the wine varieties of Piedmont, but I regularly someone writes in the comments: "Stop drinking!" First, I don't drink, and tasting. Second, envy in silence. And thirdly, I love you, my grumpy!" — said Chekhov.

Publication of Anfisa Chekhova (@achekhova)Nov 4 2017 3:22 PDT

Earlier, after learning about the habit of the French to drink at least one glass of dry red on the day, the artist asked a local sommelier about the impact of wine on the figure. It turned out that the polyphenols in red wine is really beneficial for burning fats in the body.


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