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Yana Poplavskaya showed the man she loved

The stars staged on the birthday of Lyubov Voropayeva retro concert

"Triumph hall" filled with heroes of the 80's, 90's and "zero", clearly reminded all the time of dead casino. In them the heroine of the evening Love Voropaeva held their legendary parties where all happened: mad songs and dances, duets and fights, Striptease and love. Those who now rarely gets in the news reports flooded the Banquet hall and threw Luba Voropayeva flowers and gifts. The aged but vigorous poets, songwriters, singers and instrumentalists rolled his unprecedented retro-concert, mostly songs based on poems by hero of the day, and secretly drop a tear, remembering the departed expanse. Nostalgia rules this evening, and everyone was absolutely happy.

Birthday Lyubov Voropayeva, November 1,

Love Voropaeva, as a man of great soul, in my birthday she gave gifts came to congratulate her friends and colleagues. As you know, the best gift is a book and a thing made with your own hands.

Яна Поплавская показала любимого мужчину

Simon Osiashvili and Love Vorobeviye Avramenko

So Love all who came were handed a copy of his book. Simon Osiashvili gift for MS Voropayeva conceived on the same principle, therefore, the exchange volumes were both pleasant and surprising.

Яна Поплавская показала любимого мужчину

Shura and Bari Alabamawhirly Avramenko

Singer Shura, which has long been shining Hollywood smile and not a Lisp, was found in Bari by Alibasova, which has not changed, it seems, nothing at all.

Яна Поплавская показала любимого мужчину

Aziz and Alena Avramenko Pingendi

Alena Apina has converged in conversation with Aziza, the ladies were nice and sociable, at times even expressive in the discussion of some unknown villain. In General, all musical figures of the bygone era looked extremely satisfied. But Yana Poplavskaya has not arrived at the party no one company, obviously preferring to yesterdays heroes his hero — the man she loved Yevgeny Yakovlev (main photo).

Movie premiere, 30 Oct

Яна Поплавская показала любимого мужчину

Vladimir yepifantsev with getimaginary Avramenko

Vladimir yepifantsev movies resulted in two sons — 12 year old and 9 year old more proud of Orpheus. Severe sports Trinity caused a mild stir among the female part of the guests.

Яна Поплавская показала любимого мужчину

Vladimir and Mary Lyovka with deteriorate Avramenko

Vladimir and Mary Lyovka, despite the evening hour, led to the premiere of daughter nick. Oddly enough, the five-year nick not only didn't fall asleep during the session, but showed a keen interest in what is happening on the screen and actively commented on action heroes.


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