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Lyudmila Maksakova fell on his knees before the portrait of Ruben Simonov

In the Vakhtangov theatre presented the updated scene

A presentation of the updated Simonovsky scene took place at the Vakhtangov theatre. To congratulate each other with the opening of the new site came Vasily Lanovoy, Lyudmila Maksakova, Evgeny Knyazev, Yulia Rutberg, Alexei Guskov and others.

The real star of the evening was the famous Lyudmila Maksakova, who came with a big bouquet of red roses. Who gave them to her and said. Anyway Lyudmila refused to speak with the press. Probably feared issues with her daughter. However, to leave the "memory itself," she managed. At some point, the actress went to the wall with a portrait of the legendary artistic Director of the theater Ruben Simonov and knelt down. "Ruben N. has defined my life. This is the one to whom I owe everything," said she. Helped the actress to rise from his knees Vasily Lanovoi, who has just arrived.

Людмила Максакова упала на колени перед портретом Рубена Симонова

The heirs of Eugene Simonov — the son of Ruben and granddaughter, Catherine — continued the famous dynasty. Both play in the theater, and the girl makes the first steps in directing. Photos taken on the background of reconstruction home office Reuben and Eugene Simonovitch: Sergei Ivanov

Unlike Lyudmila V. Vasily was more talkative and told about his future plans. "Two months later, I, God willing, will turn 84 years old. To celebrate I will. "Feast, yet we are here" — Pushkin warned that it is not necessary to forget and always to do useful work. In this case the feast," concluded the actor.


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