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Journalists provoke a conflict took place with the authors of the film "the Understudy"

But the contractor is not going to sue

Today on page a PR agent Stas Mikhailov, Zhanna Garber in "Facebook" published an official statement of the administration of the artist about his conflict with the creators of the film "the Understudy", which was released in Russian cinemas in 2013. Earlier in mass-media began to appear reports that the singer filed a complaint to the European court of human rights. But it turned out that this document, like the conflict itself, was relevant only in 2014. Moreover, Mikhailov did not participate in the proceedings on this occasion.

Журналисты провоцируют конфликт Стаса Михайлова с авторами фильма «Дублер»

Alexander Rivkat from the movie "the stand"

To date, none of the parties has no claims to each other. The appearance of the current situation will be dealt with lawyers and the complaint will be withdrawn as quickly as possible. "The contents of today's publications in the media ("has filed a lawsuit against Russia" — ?????) is considered by us solely as a provocation, but some of the language in them is clearly aimed at inciting negative attitude towards personality," according to his representatives.


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