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Natalia Vlasova wants to jump with a parachute

The author of the hit "I'm yours" went on about the fans

Singer and songwriter Natalia Vlasova recently received an offer that, as they say, is now impossible to refuse. The author of the hit "I'm yours" became the owner of the certificate on parachute jump. Now, the artist in thought.

The paper, which Vlasova is the possibility to make the extreme jump, she was awarded the fans after the concert, which recently took place in Moscow. After the performance the artist staged an autograph session and communicated with their fans. "Edinochestvo" — as Natasha lovingly calls her fans gave her flowers and presents, among which was the certificate. If you consider that Vlasova to never jump from a great height, such an unexpected surprise it was excessively surprised. And now the artist to think about whether to postpone the gift in a drawer or rather to take the opportunity.

Наталия Власова хочет прыгнуть с парашютом

After the concert, the singer received an unexpected, predlojeniem: materials of press-services

By the way, parachuting experiment was not the only unexpected surprise. For example, in the middle of the night the singer was presented with... a bag of tangerines, which she happily scattered around the room. "How exactly you got the gift! It was the smell of mandarins most of all I associate with New year! Thank you very much!" — thanked from the stage, the singer presented a new year's hit and demonstrated their abilities to throwing tangerines on a far distance. Fortunately, none of the hands Vlasova was not injured.


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