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Chuck Norris donated career for the sake of the treatment of his wife

Doctors concealed the dangerous properties of the drug entered her

The star of the American Thriller of the 90s Chuck Norris explained to reporters why she stopped acting in movies. Recall that the last time he starred in the movie "the Expendables 2", which was released in 2012. It turned out, now 77-year-old actor devotes all his spare time in its 54-year-old wife, Gina O'kelly. A few years ago during the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis she had to do an MRI three times over eight days. To improve the display changes, doctors injects a contrast agent — a drug contained heavy metal gadolinium, which resulted in severe poisoning.

Over the following six hospitalizations, the doctors never gave her an accurate diagnosis. Finally, in one of the clinics of the city of Reno was confirmed by the toxicity of substances and treatment accordingly. By the time the woman lost seven pounds and almost couldn't eat. The treatment cost the family almost two million dollars. Norris sent claims against 11 pharmaceutical companies in the superior court of San Francisco to demand compensation in the amount of $ 10 million. He and his wife are also trying to draw public attention to the problem of concealment of properties of prescribed drugs.


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