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Mykhailo Hrushevsky: "Zadornov was the leader of perestroika satire"

According to the humorist, a year ago Mikhail was going to make a Comedy

Today it became known that the popular satirist Mikhail Zadornov has died on 70-m to year of life. For a long time, the artist struggled with cancer, in the summer of 2016, the year was operated on in Germany, but in the end the disease won. managed to contact a colleague Zadornov Mikhail Hrushevsky, who said that shortly before it was announced on Oncology Mikhail Nikolayevich, he made him an unexpected offer: "a Year ago, he suddenly called me and said that he would send the script Comedy. According to Mikhail Zadornov, in one of the roles he saw me. And the script really came from. But then came the news about his illness, and we on this topic has not come back."

"We met with Zadornov long ago, during my studying at the Institute is the mid — 80s. I then took active part in Amateur art activities, and Misha was already a pretty popular artist. And here he literally brought me a pack of their works and allowed them to do. Something I even spoke, but only during festivals, becoming an independent artist, I, of course, went on stage only with private appearances. However, Zadornov we have since talked very warmly", — says the Grushevsky street.

According to Mikhail Yakovlevich, about the disease satirist, knew everything, but today's news is no less distressing: "It is very sad. In my opinion, the breakthrough of the decision made in the period of perestroika in the Gorbachev era, when there was no freedom of speech, but it was publicity. Then, many taboos were falling apart, and that's courage reprises Zadornov was the leader of perestroika satire. Thanks to its performances, there was a relaxing of the audience: people in the audience laughed at once seditious subjects — and that made them happy, they understood that are greater than ourselves thought."


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