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"What are you laughing at? Laugh at themselves": 15 jokes from Mikhail Zadornov

A satirical sayings long been a popular

On 70-m to year of life from brain cancer died, playwright, satirist Mikhail Zadornov. The fans, shocked by this news, already called in social networks Michael N. main Stendera his childhood. Indeed, the audience is the actor remembered for his performances and "American jokes". have collected some sayings of Mikhail Zadornov, who had long since gone to the people.

"American thinks on the move, the German standing, an Englishman, sitting down, and in Russian — then".

"In America, until the woman made a career, she does not marry. We enter into marriage with the right person to make a career".

"I wonder why Americans show the middle finger, and the Russian — arm at the elbow?"

"In America, the children in the morning takes the bus to school. We have the children in the morning, delivering beer".

"Only in Russia fighting people you can beat him, who wants to separate them".

"The shortest joke about America: McDonald's is a restaurant."

"The most harmful is life. From her all die."

"Only in Russia, having left on a counter strip, you can get the kick in the butt..."

"Russia — the birthplace of the best in the world! But the most absurd state".

"Old age is when you bend down to tie my Shoe and think of something else to do along the way?!"

"If you need more than one day, feel happy, then you're hiding something".

"In the sense of understanding the meaninglessness, the meaning also has a meaning".

"Assholes — those who in the cold".

"Only in Russia can steal money allocated for the fight against corruption".

"Business called what a shame to call it work."


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