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What stars for love

Giving expensive gifts to change the image, profession, gender, Pink, johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Alla Pugacheva, Ksenia Sobchak and other celebrities are able to achieve reciprocity

Love is a unusual feeling which changes the person, it opens a hitherto unknown facets. But no wonder many compare love to an illness: it causes temporary insanity to travel thousands of miles to be with passion, to give, to change the image, profession, gender, sometimes even to go on the offense in General, to do things which we would never have ventured, being of sound mind. Nothing human is alien to celebrities. But they have more, and hence the scale of the madness wider.

Probably everyone remembers the famous song performed by Alla Pugacheva "Million scarlet roses". In fact, the poor artist is not fiction, but a real character. The arrow of Cupid pierced the heart of Georgian painter Niko Pirosmani at the age of forty seven years when he was not passionate young men, and quite a Mature husband. He fell madly in love with who had traveled to Tiflis French actress Marguerite de Sevres, and in every way tried to get the attention: he also painted portraits and kissed the traces of her feet. Alas, beauty didn't pay attention to him. And then one morning the inhabitants of the city witnessed a wonderful spectacle: the whole street outside the hotel where he stayed, the actress, was covered with flowers. Moreover, there were not only roses of all colors and sizes, but also lilies, peonies, anemones, lilacs. This beauty is also extremely fragrant. That's all I got in response to the artist — the one and only kiss. A few days Margaret has left town. And Nico died nine years later, in 1918, in absolute poverty. However, his act is reflected in the song and became an inspiration to other ardent lovers.

Romantic dreams

So, another actress Brigitte Bardot appeared strewn with... a rain of roses from a helicopter. It happened in one of the most beautiful places of the resort of San Tropez where the star was filming the Villa. Thus her fan Gunther Sachs clearly expressed his feelings. And if Brigitte still had any doubts, they vanished. She said Yes, and Gunter became the third husband of the actress. Their wedding took place on 14 July 1966 in Las Vegas.

На что способны звезды ради любви

Offer Carrie HART Pink did during motokrosove:

Singer seal made his now ex-wife, model Heidi Klum, incredibly romantic proposal. The Playground in the canadian rocky mountains, where it could be reached only by helicopter, he built a log cabin out of snow blocks. There was a huge bed strewn with rose petals. Everywhere shone a lit candle, and a bottle of champagne cooled in the ice bucket. Of course, Heidi was thrilled! They are Shiloh had lived together for nine years, in this marriage were born four children, and they were considered exemplary family. For fans like thunder in a clear sky sounded news that the couple filed for divorce. Was often traveling Force is not the best way affected the relations with the second half: a place in the heart of the wife took... her bodyguard Martin Kristen.

A very extravagant proposal made to his beloved, American motorcycle racer, Carey HART, singer Pink. It happened during one of the crosses. When HART at high speed raced past the stands, desperate girl held up a banner reading "will You marry me?" On the reverse side was written: "I'm serious". In General, a further part of racing was held for HART under the slogan "Thank God I'm alive". To resist that pressure was useless. However, these relations resemble curve racing: two young men parted, but then converged again. In 2011, the singer gave her husband a daughter willow, and in December of 2016 was born the son of Jason. It is like the family reigns idyll.

But the impromptu Jeff Miranda is a failure. Two weeks after meeting with the actress Snooki he proposed to her. And it was made from the cover of a glossy magazine. In the picture sank to one knee, Jeff shirtless asked, "will You marry me?" Alas, the girl is an unusual love confession is not impressed, and she refused.

Going to the movies along with flowers is a traditional way of courtship. And if your a fan of renting a movie theater? Oh, that's very cool! Perhaps these emotions were experienced Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber staged in honor of her lavish party at the Staples Center — with roses, delicious dishes, and then the couple showed favorite film of the singer "Titanic." According to one source, this idea has cost Bieber $ 150 thousand for other — expenses paid cinema, because who would refuse such PR? Anyway, Selena is impressed. And if you believe the rumors, the young people are planning a wedding.

На что способны звезды ради любви

Justin Bieber took off for a favorite, kinoteatrom:

The flamboyant actor and ladies man johnny Depp, of course, is a very romantic kind. Winona Ryder was his love at first sight and, as he says himself, his first serious novel. "We'll get married when we have time to escape," — said Depp. But the time was not. The memory of that bright love he left on shoulder tattoo "Winona forever." However, then it had to transform, turning the "Winona" into "Wine." After all, there were other women. Of course, the long and lasting relationship with Vanessa Paradis. As a token of his love, he gave her a vineyard in his native France. They were together fifteen years, and they had two children... and then there was amber heard. "Pirate," so long, enjoying family happiness, is off the head. Johnny bought favorite bar in the Bahamas. In style it resembled the one that was in "the Rum diary", in which the actors met. And then everything in the movie — a hasty wedding in the Bahamas and scandalous divorce.

My dear

As a rule, lovers (especially if they have that option) try to put your feelings into some tangible form. So, the Greek billionaire Aristotle Onassis gave his lover, Opera diva Maria Callas, the most expensive card on Valentine's Day. It was made of gold and encrusted with diamonds and emeralds. As packaging was elegant mink coat.

Kristen Stewart became the proud owner of a pen of white gold worth $46 thousand, where in the world is only about forty. Collector's gem gave the girl her fiance, actor Robert Pattinson. Alas, to the chagrin of fans of the "Twilight", this pair are not together. After the betrayal of Kristen (and despite her public penance) broken Cup and failed to put it together.

На что способны звезды ради любви

Birthday Keti Topuria has received from her husband "Mercedes"Photo:

Jay Z is also not stingy to gift your beloved Beyonce. On his 29th birthday, the singer received the whole island. Cost gift, the rapper is not cheap — at $20 million But the singer is also in debt left. She pleased her husband with a luxurious car Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport two-million.

Victoria and David Beckham — the couple who constantly spoil each other with luxury gifts. Now, in honor of the twentieth anniversary of Dating, the player also decided to buy his wife an island. According to media reports, David was attracted to Bird Cay in the Bahamas. Land area of one hundred hectares is more than seven million pounds. But that's nothing compared to the joy of the woman!

In our own country, people also do not skimp on expressing their feelings. At the time supermodel Naomi Campbell was in awe of the generosity of the Russian soul Vyacheslav Doronin. Indeed, every year, relations with the oligarch earned her elite houses in different parts of the world. The first was a penthouse in the Brazilian town of Silva Jardim for $18.5 million a year — a mansion off the coast of Miami for $16 million In 2010, the attention of the businessman was attracted by the Venetian Palace of the XVI century — Palazzo Contarini Pheasant. A year later, the supermodel received a gift of a very unusual house in the eye of the God Horus on a Turkish island of Sedir. In the summer of 2012, Vyacheslav sweetheart bought a house in Ibiza. And his parting gesture was the real estate... in the suburbs. In fact, the house in the form of a spacecraft cost of $20 million was supposed to be a wedding gift, but the relationship collapsed. Therefore, the proposed Doronin Naomi to accept this humble gift "to the memory of the past happiness."

However, in no way inferior to him in the span of another Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich. No wonder Forbes named it one of the most generous of millionaires, considering that the amount spent Roman Abramovich on his wife Daria Zhukova. When Dasha gave birth to her son Aaron, a happy husband thanked her mansion in Hollywood for $20 million Later, yielding a delicate artistic taste of his beloved, he would make her happy by buying expensive works of art. Only one sculpture by Alberto Giacometti is worth $14 million And there were more paintings of Francis bacon ($86 million), Lucian Freud ($33 million) and Ilya Kabakov ($30-60 million). Now, when the couple filed for divorce, media count, how much it will cost Abramovich.

However, as they say, the roads are not gift, and attention. And, perhaps, the most unusual can be considered a gift Dave Navarro future wife Carmen electra. As recognized musician, shining eyes of the girl it absolutely was blinded. "She was wearing a white coat, hair down, and her eyes pierced my heart even at a distance of twenty feet. The first thing I did, bought her a thousand two hundred pairs of sunglasses. I couldn't risk someone happened the same reaction to it."

На что способны звезды ради любви

Goodbye Vyacheslav Doronin did Naomi Campbell chic pterocladia Sharlovskoe

A trail of blood

If the delicate nature prone to romantic gestures, the expressive people tend to fasten their feelings do not like something, and blood. At the time Angelina Jolie wore as a medallion a vial of blood of her ex-husband, Billy Bob Thornton. She also got a tattoo in his honor. Alas, those relationships become part of history...

The above-mentioned Alla Pugacheva also won the heart of one of their husbands, Alexander Stefanovich, with bloody recognition. Seeing a total company charismatic red-haired girl, directed not to fell in love, but interested. Invited to the restaurant. And there she had thrown out a focus. "Cut with a knife in hand, squeezed the blood on the first page of my notebook and wrote: "spot on my leisure group. Because singing is my vital cause," said Stefanovic in an interview. Their Union lasted four years.

Some stars are willing to fight for your happiness — and in the literal sense of the word. At the time, Kate moss became the heroine of the scandalous chronicle. The supermodel was extremely upset with the rumors about the not quite professional relations of her husband, Jamie Hinsa with Lindsay Lohan. He has helped her with her music project, but given the reputation of Lindsay, Kate felt that she has every reason to be jealous. No wonder, arriving on a visit to England, red-haired beast immediately informed the husband of the model. After a couple of days in the face of the other woman at the party in one of the trendy clubs, Kate attacked her with his fists, what shocked the public.

A couple of years ago Ryan Gosling also made the front pages of Newspapers, arranging a scuffle with a photographer during a photo shoot. In his opinion, he is too familiarly addressed his bride Eva Mendes: "Hey, baby!" The actress barely managed to separate the angry men. And now write that the family of Gosling and Mendes is on the verge of collapse. And this time the reason was the alleged rampant jealousy of eve. She's somehow convinced that her husband is cheating on her partner in the film "La La land" with Emma stone.

На что способны звезды ради любви

Once Oksana Arbuzova put more hope in the movie. Now she is the wife of actor Ivan Okhlobystin and his mother the six diagenode Avramenko

The wind of change

Love forces us to change appearance, image, style and lifestyle. For example, for John Mayer Jessica Simpson dyed her long blond curls in a dark color. Her fans were upset: in their view, blonde Jessica was much more spectacular. In addition, the victim were in vain: soon the couple fled.

Actor Jonah hill, who was loved by the audience for the images of funny fat man from the film "the Wolf of wall street" and "Escape from Vegas", for his beloved went on a diet and gave up beer. He had already managed to lose thirty pounds. Though there are concerns that this will affect the career of the actor (because he was used to seeing in a particular role), he is quite satisfied with their appearance.

British musician Neil Andrew Megson has gone further to become the soul mate of his wife Jay. He changed not only the name, becoming the Genesis of PI-Orridge, but appearance and gender. The couple changed the shape of the nose, lips and eyes, and Neil even had women's Breasts. After a few years Jay died from cancer, and her husband now refers to himself as plural "we".

Sometimes internal changes even more dramatic than the outside. Who could expect from socialite Ksenia Sobchak that she would become an exemplary wife and mother? The girl who used to eat at the best restaurants, now stands at the stove and fry the cheese cakes on her husband Maxim Vitorgan. She also joined the football — one of the main Hobbies of the spouse. Well, that has been raised on the hatred of small children star became a mother herself, and even beyond.

Brilliant husband believes Andrei Leonov and his wife Anastasia. He helped her with the baby. Babies were transferred to artificial feeding, and actor for a year slept with him in the kitchen, so as not to disturb the wife. That's love!

Many stars left it all behind for loved ones. Grace Kelly, the Oscar-winning actress who starred in several films by Alfred Hitchcock, predicted a worldwide fame. But she gave up a promising perspective for the role of wife and mother. However, the wife of Prince Rainier III of Monaco. All her life she devoted to the education of children: Caroline, Stephanie and albert.

It is now Oksana Arbuzov in the gossip columns refer to as the wife of actor Ivan Okhlobystin. But a few years ago, she shone on the screen. She was married to Ivan, Oksana gave birth to six children, and all the power and attention given to them.

Merit world tennis stars Steffi Graf is certain: it won the Grand slam tournaments and the Olympic games. And now, being in the Zenith of his fame, after the tournament, "Roland Garros", she finished her career. Steffi met the love of tennis player Andre Agassi. "The biggest gift that I gave tennis my family."


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