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Lena Lenina on the death of Michael Zadornov: "In mourning the whole country"

Editor shared grief colleagues in show business about the death of the great satirist

Lena Lenina:"We are in grief. Died Mikhail Zadornov. In mourning the whole country. His grieving friends, relatives, spectators and colleagues. He was beautiful, funny, brilliantly witty, subtle, perceptive intelligent and endlessly charismatic. He loved Russia and Russians, and it was mutual. His audiences loved him as a professional, and his friends and companions loved him as a person. I was lucky to bathe in the rays of his charm and chivalry. All those who happened to touch the vortex of this brilliant person who today grieve doubly. He was incurable. His brilliant brain was astonished rust, terrible disease. Nothing could be done, and it was impossible to save him. We knew we'd lost him, but believed in miracles. And he himself believed, until recently. But the miracle did not happen. Terribly out of despair. I don't want to remember him weak and sick. I'll remember his strong, passionate, sarcastic, enchanting and wise. Women adored him and men respected. As long as will live in our hearts, his subtle irony, and in our minds — his philosophical aphorisms, he will be with us. So he will be with us always. It has become an integral part of the culture of every Russian citizen and an important part of the history of our country. We owe him a monument in every city where he was loved. Peace and light to his soul."

Died Mikhail Zadornov. I refuse to remember him sick and weak, I will remember his beautiful, witty, subtle, wise and deeply loving Russia and Russians. Peace and light for your soul. #michaelsolomon #lenalena

Publication of Lena Lenina (@lenaleninaofficial) Nov 10 2017 4:47 PST

We will remind, Mikhail Zadornov died today, November 10, in Latvia. It has become known that will, the satirist asked to be buried in the same grave with his father.


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