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As the intimate photos Volochkova appeared on the Network

Ballerina villains left to God's judgment, but her ex-boyfriend is configured differently

Today, the former lover Anastasia Volochkova, a 29-year-old PR red Bunkers, confirmed on his page "Vkontakte" that hackers spread through the Network with its ballerina an intimate photo after he refused to pay them 20 thousand rubles. Scammers also blackmailed him, threatening to send the media and the communications.

"I regret that it happened. With Nastya, we are already more than a year do not communicate, and I wouldn't want to affect her current relationships," says Bunkers. He said that the attackers stole his phone card and hacked into his social network six months ago. Then they just got removed a few of his communities. Now the businessman is not going to pull them with.

The comment about it and gave the artist herself. She stated that she is not going to make excuses for "the actions of the scum" and called the shame of such actions, pass Who wished to use it as a tool to promote God judge, said Volochkova. But all who excites the topic of her personal life, now I can sleep in peace, ironically the star.


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