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Olga Orlova has not forgotten friend

The singer is unjustly accused a fan of Zhanna Friske

Fan of Jeanne Friske, Olga Orlova criticized that she couldn't stop the sensation that erupted after the death of a colleague. "Integrame" a dispute arose under quite a neutral post ex-soloist of group "Brilliant" and the leading "House-2". She said she does not like the cold, without much enthusiasm relates to the winter — time when you have to wrap up in warm clothes. A fan of the group "Brilliant" pounced on her about Friske.

"You, Olga, do not do anything to make people not forget about Jeanne. One word!", — why Olga blames the girl, is unclear. "More talk about dogs than about the person you called a friend, For what was it all for you personally?".

However, according to fans, Olga became famous only thanks to Jeanne. Although I played them together. Olga reacted emotionally to review subscribers will, by writing that she was not at liberty to discuss "judge my friendship and respect for Jeanne".


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