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Stanislav Sadalsky: "Monstrous year, kind of an endless series of losses"

The actor commented on the death of Boris Notkin

Stanislav Sadalsky in his microblog published a post in memory of the tragically killed Boris Notkin. The TV presenter was found dead yesterday by his wife. The last time he suffered greatly because of the pain, doctors diagnosed him with cancer, last stage.

"The first time I saw Boris for almost half a century ago at the Moscow film festival — it was the hand of Franco Zeffirelli in the room translators. The Notkin was a simultaneous translation of the famous paintings of Italian "Romeo and Juliet," recalls Sadalsky. "Then Bob was putting on airs and no one greeted me, and years later it became easier, she happily ran to me at the meeting, and I also once made the list this brilliant master of the interview. We often saw him in the pool 'Seagull" — Bob loved sports, swimming, tennis, one time even as it is paired with Kolya Karachentsovu he played against Yeltsin and planning".

According to Sadalsky, this year has been a monstrous waste of time. What Notkin will die so "unexpectedly and scared" for him was a shock.

"Every time I read such news about suicide on the grounds of Oncology, think — 21st century, what is happening, when people will cease to settle scores with life from-for pain and suffering?".


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