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Journalists hounded the widow Maranova

In her address received threats, and near the house were watching unknown

Widow who died on October 15, Dmitry Marjanova, 30-year-old Ksenia BIK, complained of her attacking the media, calling his current life is "hell." It blocks unknown numbers from which she called the TV crew with offers to participate in their show, at times accompanied by threats.

Publication of Tolkalinaliuba (@tolkalinaliuba)Nov 12 2017 6:38 PST

And recently, unknown people with cameras began around-the-clock "on duty" outside her house, passed All this cannot but affect the psyche of their daughter Anfisa. Desperate Xenia admits that already considering the move, but said that he wanted "to escape" not from investigators leading the investigation of the death of her husband, namely journalists.

Recently on Instagram a close friend Maryanova, actress Lyubov Tolkalina, there was a recent selfie of the smiling widow of actor. "Obliterative life slowly, little by little. Minute by minute" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., reads the caption to the picture.


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