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Volochkova came to Peter to the father.

And talked about the relationship with him

Infamous ballerina Anastasia Volochkova visited his native St. Petersburg, where he visited a wheelchair-bound 70-year-old father, the champion of the Soviet Union table tennis 1983, a former athletics coach at the sports school Yuri Fedorovich.

Publication from Anastasia (@volochkova_art)Nov 13 2017 6:58 PST

The actress admitted that they seldom occur: it hurt to see him like this. Over the last ten years, he can't speak. "But his eyes say more than the voice! And soul, too" — wrote Volochkova, calling the Pope "the wrestler." At their joint photo, you can see the painting on the Cabinet, from top to bottom hung with his awards.

Several medals he had given his daughter and granddaughter, "And they bring us victory! Dad and Kerry's unwavering and always winners, because we Volochkova! I am very proud of my father that brought victory to our Russian and raised in me the spirit of faith and courage."


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