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"You're nothing, you're nobody, dig your own grave": the Wife told Rousseau about betrayal

The singer was unfaithful and threatened the mother of his children

The intention of pop by Abraham Russo to file for divorce after 12 years of marriage, his wife, 35-year-old American Morel Fedmahn learned from television. Recently on her page in Instagram there was a post in which she shared her grief.

Publication of M O R E L A R U S S O (@morelarusso)Nov 21 2017 3:21 PST

"I think I understand every woman is betrayed and left with young children not only without means of subsistence, but also in debt. Especially understand those who forget about themselves, sacrificing herself to her husband, and they lived for him. Here I am completely dissolved in the husband, and then I heard him say, "You're nothing, you're nobody, dig your own grave", she wrote.

Publication of M O R E L A R U S S O (@morelarusso)Nov 25 2017 4:51 PST

Morel says that Abraham considered themselves God's chosen ones and built a temple in their own home. All these years she was faithful to her husband, who, on the contrary, otlichalsya excessive weakness for women, as evidenced by numerous revelations familiar with it the girls in social networks.

"My heart bleeds, when you realize that the dad of your children threw his angels, and they will have to grow up without a father's love and attention. Oldest asks, "Why dad does not come, does not call? He doesn't love me anymore?“ How to restrain themselves? I want to howl," admits Fedmahn. At the end of the narration the woman said that still hopes to rectify the situation.


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