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Iosif Kobzon: "I hate the project "the Voice"

The actor spoke about the talent of Alla Pugacheva and vocal Grigoriy Leps

Joseph Kobzon traditionally took part in the annual festival "Song of the year". Despite the known health problems, the artist found the strength to communicate with journalists. And, unlike many colleagues, talked openly and without hypocrisy.

This time the subject of conversation was the musical theme. Namely, the discussion of the question: can a person with no voice, to break into show business and do I need talent to become a star. Joseph Kobzon said that one talent to little success.

"Not like this word "talent". We are all born talented people. We all have ears, eyes, hair. Another question: the atmosphere in which we are educated, and love. Love is the most important feeling that drives us. We all love to sing as a child and love it when we grandparents and parents sing songs. But if this atmosphere is cultivated in the family, if the children are in love with the song, they continue to bear this love. Alla started and became a talented, in the opinion of the public, being little more educated in terms of music. She then graduated from high school. While I believe that education is important".

Also during the conversation, the actor admitted that all of these conversations it has been brought to honesty.

"I really don't like our program 'Voice." Because they APE, parody songs by foreign singers, and I want our artists — those who sing our songs, Russian. They don't do it. And talented guys we have a huge amount," — said people's artist. Immediately he noted that, unfortunately, in our time, to break artists alone is extremely difficult.

"In order to advertise themselves — it's worth it. If you suddenly remember of the graduates of these talent shows. They go: first place, tears, shouting, noise, uproar, cheers! Where are they? I want to see, want to feel that, Yes, we discovered a star. Their own advertising is almost impossible to untwist by that. Here in Poland there is a restaurant 'Under the stars." There anyone from the street can go and sing, there's an orchestra. But sitting in this restaurant experts and producers, which can help the performer. Yes, we have singers who provided the material. Which oligarchs or without leave. Wherever they go?"

Also Joseph Davydovich asked the question, is it possible to break if there is no voice, referring to some artists that are already making a success on the stage, but it does not have the vocal abilities. The Maestro agreed that such a phenomenon is possible.

"Yes, you can get through. Here's an example: Leps. Philip Kirkorov we have the king and Leps Prime Minister. I'm not sure that we will never have such a singer like Phillip, but what the second such player as Grigory Leps, we do not have in the near future are unlikely to appear — it is. This is a unique phenomenon. Why throaty Vysotsky? And Rocks — an outstanding actor of 30-40. Where? Also without a vote. Even the great Claudia Ivanovna Shulzhenko was without a voice. So it's not in the voice. Edith Piaf always said, "a lot of Singers, give me a personality".

Иосиф Кобзон: "Я очень не люблю проект «Голос»

Joseph Kobzon believes that such an artist as Grigory Leps, in the near future in our scene предвидитсяINSTAGRAM.COM/NIKOLAIBASKOV


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