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Nikita Efremov brought to light a beauty sister

Screening of short films at the Museum of Moscow has collected quite a long queue of movie fans. On display come and famous person. Details and photos in the review

Those wishing to see the short films were so many that they barely have enough seats. In the foyer, too, was going on pandemonium, prompting the actress Galina Stakhanov in anticipation of the show modestly sit on the edge of the stage. We could not pass up and learned from Galina Konstantinovna many interesting things. As it turned out, the actress came to watch the film with his participation, which was made by a young Director. "I love working with young people," explained Stakhanov. Also she told that versed in contemporary terms and trends, because she has a teenage granddaughter. By the way, the girl grows very artistic child, "the Granddaughter of good reads, with expression, with pleasure. Teach by rote, recounts. I don't know whether the star, but may follow in my footsteps. Daughter go, although it was filmed in my childhood. in the film "Long memory" in Odessa. She was 10 years old. But then gave up. Went on medical issues. When she interviewed and asked why she didn't become an actress, saying: we need to have a huge talent and a gift from God, and I don't have it. Well, she made the right decision, I think. She graduated from medical school, found themselves in the profession, teaches at the medical school, works her in this calling," said the actress.

Никита Ефремов вывел в свет красавицу сестру

The cold did not prevent the Galina Stanovoy to visit packagenode Avramenko

Svetlana Ustinova and Ilya Stewart came to the event together. However, the reason the actress and producer — known, they already some time are a couple — were different. If Svetlana just came to watch the new short film, Elijah presented to the people directing the creation of the rapper Husky, and in the world, Dmitry Kuznetsov, a musician made the film "Psychotronics". By the way, Ilya also said that have an idea where with his wife they will spend New year: "We will go relax on the beach. And turn off the phones for the period of official holidays and for a few days. Now select the country to which go," said a secret producer.

Никита Ефремов вывел в свет красавицу сестру

Actress Svetlana Ustinova and producer Ilya Stewart's dream for the New year to turn off your phones and spend the holiday on pluginname Avramenko

In the midst of the event appeared the film Director Fyodor Bondarchuk, who politely avoided talking to journalists, only allowing myself to take a picture. Then Fedor Sergeyevich dived into the crowd to his colleagues, and thus disappeared out of sight of curious fans who were just thinking about how to ask for an autograph. By the way, many wonder why Bondarchuk came without Paulina Andreeva. As we learn later, the actress was busy making plays in the abandoned mistress. The benefit in the narration of the life of Paulina, things are much better.

Никита Ефремов вывел в свет красавицу сестру

Fedor Bondarchuk appeared in the midst of meropriyatiye Avramenko

Quite unexpected was the appearance and another couple. Not everyone knows that the actor Nikita Efremov has a cousin Olga. The girl lived for some time in Italy and met with Boris Yeltsin, the grandson and namesake of Russia's first President. Bright blonde returned to the capital and was happy to appear at the premiere with his brother. "We manage to see each other very rarely, we're all busy people," he admitted and immediately retreated. In turn, Olga admitted that finally returned to the capital, and expressed hope for more frequent meetings with the stars and brother. "I'm back. This, incidentally, is a good occasion to celebrate together the holidays," said Olga.


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