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Buzova did not want to let Alexander Revva

And Regina Todorenko surprised child. What remains behind the scenes of one of music awards — in review

Chroniclers have noticed that musical events almost never see movie stars and characters associated with the film industry. While movie premieres with great pleasure I visit and pop and rock stars. So at a recent music awards without kinology. Except that Anastasia Zavorotnyuk looked, and she tried to sneak past the press. However, music events always had some kind of self-sufficiency. The pop celebrity how to dress up to the nines, to arrange a fashion show, from which the hair stand on end, and even can sing it to you, if needed.

Music awards, Crocus City Hall

Debugged the aisle on a carpet of brilliant Alexander Revva slightly crumpled Olga Buzova. Blinding everyone with his red dress, Olga nevertheless was not allowed Rewa to leave the track, no matter how much he tried. Tried Alexander, of course, a joke.

Бузова не захотела отпускать Александра Ревву

Regina Tolerancerange Avramenko

Regina todorenko many confused journalists who noticed her with a small child in her arms.

— Your? — jokingly said the journalists

My! — said Regina and disappeared into the distance.

Studying on the Internet a biography of a movie star and not finding in it the mention of children, the press were a little upset. As it turned out, the boy was just helping Regina to move from place to place friend and, of course, could not take advantage of the great chance of not jerking around the wordsmiths.

Бузова не захотела отпускать Александра Ревву

Brothers Stranovedenie Avramenko

Illusionists Safronov brothers made their walk down the red carpet in a fiery show. At some point, the brothers stopped. Ilya took a mysterious pose, Andrew fell to his knee, and Sergei just in case moved. In the hand of Elijah had the bottle and the air smelled of kerosene, and literally. The next moment the hall was illuminated with the flames, he heard the cheers and Safronova's brothers perform with triumph and a bottle of kerosene left the track.

Бузова не захотела отпускать Александра Ревву

The ILO with geeganage Avramenko

Matvey Melnikov, better known as the rapper of the ILO, it may be to celebrate new year's eve as a father. Together with his wife Maria he is waiting for the birth of his son. However, the pair maintains a very active lifestyle and does not miss important social events.

Бузова не захотела отпускать Александра Ревву

Diana Eveningtide Avramenko

As befits a true rock star, Diana had not even tried to look nice, and went down the path, not stopping, not paying absolutely no attention to photographers. But standing behind the journalists, the fans took over the portion of love from Diana, she and fingers waved, and gratitude shouted.

Бузова не захотела отпускать Александра Ревву

Ani Laurakennedy Avramenko

Fans of Ani Lorak was the most loyal and patient. He was rewarded with the singer not only approached him, but also gave everyone autographs and even staged a joint photo shoot.


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