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Victoria Lopyreva and Nikolai Baskov: "In our family, we are particularly interested in health issues"

What new hobby has connected artists?

Nikolay Baskov and Victoria Lopyreva, as you know, are going through a difficult period. According to recent reports, the singer is going to marry a model, but a couple of reports on the abolition of marriage. However, how did you learn have stars there's a new thing that brings them together. Recently Nikolay Baskov thought about healthy lifestyle and its beauty, so decided to go to scholars together to create a set of tools for the care inside and out. Him he already gave away to colleagues, and, of course, rejuvenator tested the wick, which together with the groom appeared recently on the set of song of the festival.

"Any woman motivates a man to look good. Nicholas can be rubbed into himself in many ways, most importantly — accurately," joked the blonde, keeping in mind, of course, cosmetics from Baskov.

As for the artist, he explained why he was so serious to engage in this issue.

"I have long struggled with the problem that occurs after a permanent application of makeup, sometimes flying, little sleep, but you need time to recover before the cameras. So I found a way to come quickly to the tone. You know that we have facial wrinkles — those that appear due to the fact that we laugh a lot, from the nature of such wrinkles. By the way, the Vic has recently produced a cream based on snail mucus that heals well, and if you mix it with my serum, restores facial structure," said Basque, explaining that he starts the morning with drinking of special funds for the improvement of health.

Виктория Лопырева и Николай Басков: «В нашей семье мы особо интересуемся вопросами здоровья»

Nikolay Baskov was thinking about the beauty he created his own line of anti-aging средств

Vika Lopyreva also supports in the beauty of blessed, which is recorded in the members of his family. "We have such a family: we are very interested in health and beauty and I, as the Ambassador of the world Cup, is also very difficult schedule: regular flights, regular events, endlessly need to be in shape. And I want to strongly encourage my family members maintain your health at the highest level", — said blonde.


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