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Friend accused ex-contestant of American "Voices" in rape

According to Timothy Heller, Melanie Martinez abused her with the help of sex toys

American singer Timothy Heller said in his Twitter that he had been abused by his girlfriend, former contestants of "the Voice" Melanie Martinez. According to the first, the girls spent the night together. At some point, the former star of the show invited Timothy to join with her in an intimate relationship, begin to stick and then "committed an act of oral sex and penetration sex toy" against the will Heller. To tell Timothy decided only now.

Publication of Timthy (@timothyheller)Nov 8 2017 10:17 PST

Martinez has already managed to answer the accusation. Melanie wrote in the social network that are saddened by the statement of a former girlfriend. According to the artist, Heller "was never told "no" to what they decided to do together."

Fans trying to keep both girls, but there were those who decided that the statement to Timothy is just a PR stunt associated with the wave of celebrity allegations of sexual harassment.


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