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What are the problems with teeth were the stars

Dentist-periodontist Olesya Sharewa told that had to be overcome to some celebrities on the way to their dream smiles

Alla Pugacheva

Alla Borisovna has always been quite wide gaps between the teeth, dental slang Trema and diastema. During the period of active creativity, she is clearly not enough time for orthodontic treatment, and technology before there were others. But due to the fact that apparent violations of the bite she had, dentures ceramic crowns without metal support creates the effect of healthy pink gums and a natural beautiful smile.

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas cage went the other way to the white smile. In matters of aesthetics always have a few options. Often by changing only a shape of the teeth face is clearly transformed. Early form of the teeth of the actor was far from perfect. Now Nicholas's teeth are restored through prosthesis with all-ceramic crowns. Sure to find the right rectangular shape, at the stage of diagnosis was performed preliminary modelling — mock-up. This allows even before the start of work to see and "try on" the final result.

Какие проблемы с зубами были у звезд

Cristiano Ronaldooo:

Cristiano Ronaldo

Idol of millions — the real good. It is evident that from childhood he took care of his teeth. From Hollywood smile it was separated only a few years of orthodontic treatment and teeth whitening, which is periodically repeated for durable effect. Cristiano exact treatment without braces, for fashion now Kappa this is not exactly correct. The naked eye can see that the left Tusk is clearly given, and the side cutter is more palatal. Well, I can not mention a chic work colleagues periodontist: gum from Cristiano in excellent condition, can not be said about his early career. No surgery he was not needed, only routine dental check-UPS and timely treatment.

Tom Cruise

The orthodontist here to work hard. But the Central line, as an indicator of aesthetics and standards of the Golden ratio, to bring in the correct position and failed, which confirms the initial complex situation. Podiatrist Tom decided not to do it too porcelain smile, and adhered to the naturalness of prostheses on the gradients of the transition from a more natural yellowish necks of the teeth to a lighter color at the cutting edge.

Какие проблемы с зубами были у звезд

Gwen Stefanutto:

Gwen Stefani

Orthodontic treatment Gwen Stefani did not hesitate, and rightly so, because worldwide it has long been a sign of status and worries about his health. In addition, photos of our days are perfectly visible porcelain veneers and natural translucency a bit lacking, this and issues conducted orthopedic treatment. The standard of beauty is when the upper lip is only one third covers the teeth or when the gums are slightly visible in a wide smile.

Celine Dion

We see that the lateral incisor is greatly changed in color, it means that at one time it was removed the nerve. The teeth are markedly different in length. This clearly suggests that before you install the white veneers Celine was performed plastic surgery of the gums to create a natural beauty smile. And remember the secret to lengthening teeth to slow down a couple of decades? Here we have used exactly the same method as that of demi Moore.

Какие проблемы с зубами были у звезд

Demi Muroto:

Demi Moore

The smile of demi Moore past years is clearly visible convex composite restoration of teeth, and the left is missing teeth. You can clearly see how their replaces bridges that differ in color. You can not say about modern radiant smile, and all thanks to implants and all-ceramic crowns. There's another little secret: by lengthening the teeth with dentures demi looks younger by a few years.


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