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Alexey Chumakov admitted than is actually involved in the nights

The singer, as it turned out, a very unusual hobby

Alexei Chumakov lately schedule is painted literally on minutes. Besides the fact that he has a lot of performances, he still devotes much time to family and newly born daughter. However, as it turned out, the singer still manages to devote time to his hobby. And it doesn't — it deals with sculpture. Since the day to find even an hour or two for the hobby he can not, in the end, he sculpts figures of animals at night.

Алексей Чумаков признался, чем на самом деле занимается ночами

These are the figures obtained from Alekseevicha: @alexchumakof

"Here is a hobby: I'm against taxidermy. Want a bust of an animal — do it yourself!" — signed Alexei in his microblog photo just made them monkeys.

Needless to say that the fans immediately flooded his idol compliments. And some seriously become interested in how much Chumakov appreciates your talent as a sculptor.


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