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Alla Pugacheva was indignant criticism of Maxim Fadeev

Diva: "What do you sound like an aging loser."

Maxim Fadeev second year dissatisfied "Christmas lights". In his Instagram, the producer criticized their program. He believes that the repertoire could be more progressive. According to rumors, a critic of the new year television content Fadeev began after a quarrel with the head of one of the channels. Fadeev even promised to make alternative show.

"It's been a year since then, as the wave of public discontent in relation to "Christmas lights". And throughout this year, TV bosses promised us that in the coming year things will change and a new transmission will not be similar to what was done TV before," (hereinafter, the spelling, the punctuation of the authors saved — approx. — outraged Fadeev. — "I was just curious as to whether something has changed? Who watched TV during the night, please share your impressions".

He asked subscribers whether they liked the program. Suddenly, under his post appeared tough review from Alla Pugacheva, who presented a song "I fly." Apparently, she was tired of criticism of the programs.

"What are you all growling like an aging loser. Bored you in BALI?" — wrote the Diva. — "Not "Muti", don't go and change everything, make steeper. Only promises".

In addition, she confessed his love for the work of Fadeev, called him a genius and advised to do business. And happy New year.


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