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Kate Gordon believes that Anastasia Volochkova is time to go to a psychologist

The candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation responded to the post ballerina

After Anastasia Volochkova boasted new boyfriend, which makes her expensive gifts, her Instagram has hundreds of reviews. One of them from the candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation Katya Gordon.

One of the formations, as posted by Gordon, she's a psychologist, so committed to help Volochkova. She believes the dancer is real sick.

"What "Maybach", my good, I deserve... Who are you trying to prove?!!!" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. — surprised Gordon. "What's wrong with you?! Call me or write to votsap".

She predicts that if Anastasia had to seek help from professionals, her mental disorder will progress.

"I will help", — wrote Volochkova Gordon. "Otherwise you're going to beat bald umbrella in the glass "Maybach" as a former Britney in the best case...".

The dancer did not reply to this message. She enjoys holidays in the Maldives and publishes his pictures in a bikini. But Kate pounced subscribers Volochkova, they say, who would say that. Gordon remembered love to expose their personal life, men, family scandals, bruises and even genera.


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