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Wife of Andrei Arshavin threw a tantrum on the plane

A woman and her children launched flight

Alice Arshavin scandal in the plane flying from Moscow to Alma-ATA. The woman was flying with her two daughters to the player to spend Christmas together. However, they have not met since because of the violation of rules of transportation of the family was removed from the Board.

According to Alice, their Andrew young daughter's soiled diaper before take-off, and a diaper urgent need to change, however, the flight attendants she was not allowed to do so. They say that the other passengers complained about the stink in the plane, so her two daughters was removed from the flight.

The airline version of cursing. Arshavin started to change my child, when the aircraft is already out on the runway and for the safety of all passengers should be fastened. However, the woman neglected even written by order of the commander of the aircraft. The pilot took the decision to postpone the departure and return to harbour.

Now Arshavin threatens the crew of the prison.


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