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"We are still relatives": Lazarev and Topalov made up

The performers met in an informal setting

The way former members of the pop group "Smash!!", 32-year-old Vlad Topalov and 34-summer Sergey Lazarev, was sold in 2004. After that, the Duo reunited for only one jubilee in 2011. Among fans for many years there were rumors about Unforgiven each other the grievances of artists.

Light was shed only recently admitted Topalov, Lera Kudryavtseva on a talk show, "the Secret to a million," what really could not live with the care Lazareva from the team, and also noted the difference of their characters. The relationship of the performers began to build in the beginning of last year, and recently in Instagram both came together.

"So much time has passed, and we still relatives, no matter what!!! Very good lunch and, as always, laughed and talked!" (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the authors saved — approx. — has signed a snapshot of Vlad. "Smash!! — 15 years later ))) Lovely lunch with native Vladka! Sat and laughed! Do you remember Smash!!? Confess, who hung our posters on the walls? Who had notebooks and diaries with our photos?)))", — asked Sergei subscribers.


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