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What made Samburski to leave the family

The actress shared memories of youth

In the light sprawling in the Hollywood scandal on the grounds of mutual accusations of harassment and rape among the representatives of show business, a delicate subject in his microblog decided to raise a star of the TV series "Univer" and the theater on Malaya Bronnaya, Nastasya Samburski.

His post she started with questions to the witness for her page female audience:"Why do we have half of the country's ordinary "terpily" and masochist, unable to act? Why are you afraid of the weak and allow the men to assert themselves at you?" (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx.

In his signature style, the actress urged women to have self respect and to leave with those who at least once has allowed himself to assault.

"Happiness lies in self-development next to a partner, not when you drive complexes, and you cease to believe in yourself! Everything is much easier than it looks!' — she says, noting that she grew up in "a family". "As soon began to get the beginnings of a brain, I left town and forgot how they're all named! Trying to forgive when I grew up. Failed. Long to explain why," says Nastasia.


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