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Hospital room hanky filled up with flowers

The singer is already trying to stand on crutches

Alexander Medvedev, better known as a singer Shura, continues to recover after surgery arthroplasty — hip replacement. It was made by the surgeons of the center for restorative traumatology and orthopedics named after A. Ilizarov in Kurgan. The artist feels good, and regularly shares with subscribers his microblog with news of his condition. Fans worried about him and try every possible way to cheer the star. His hospital room is literally inundated with gifts and flowers.

"The second day after operation gave many surprises both for me and for my doctors in the morning to my house carrying flowers and gifts, feel on stage, of course, I was stupefied, do not know who to personally thank, because of the flowers had no identification cards, especially doubly pleased that You are my favorite mysterious and thanked the beautiful bouquets my doctors, for my bright future and painless Oleg Konstantinovich and Valentine Leontyevich, the first bouquet, I am in the truest sense of the word ate, or rather finish it yet), bear ( video),who was a sweet tooth, was filled with chocolates, Yes, Yes, which I love, and that right now!" (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. — and thanked the Shura. — "Well, in General not describe the joy that you gave me today! I am happy and glad that you have me there, even when I'm on stage and in the hospital."

Больничную палату Шуры завалили цветами

The singer takes подарки

And today the contractor has posted a video that gives his followers hope that he will soon take the stage. Alexander tries to take the first steps after the operation. However, is still on crutches.

Publication of Shura Medvedev (@shuramedvedev)Jan 13, 2018 at 2:28 PST


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