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The star of "full House" went beyond

Artist twice experienced clinical death

The other day in the Studio of Boris Korchevnikov visited "the main swagruha country," Svetlana Rozhkova. Comedian surprised the audience with their stories — twice she managed to go to where almost no return. According to the stars of "full House" and "Smehopanorama", the first time her heart stopped at 18 years of age.Then foolishly she drank large amounts of alcohol on an empty stomach, although it is acknowledged that not was fond of alcohol.

The second time her soul had briefly left his body during surgery, after she was hit by a car. "I saw the tunnel, the light ahead, as if I was flying into this world. There I saw a shadow, the way I knew that there's someone there and asks about me. And I understand what he's saying: "not Yet". And I woke up," — shared his memories Rozhkova. It is known that for the last several years she struggled with a serious illness, but very optimistic.


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