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Stas Sadalsky: "one is astonished when seeing that Orthodoxy happens»

The artist commented on the scandal with the YouTube Koschevnikovi

The news appeared information that the General Director of TV channel "Spas" Boris korchevnikov beat his subordinate. Library editor Vasily Dobrodeyev sought medical help, doctors recorded the beating, which, according to the man, he struck his head. From statements to the police regarding his injuries Dobrodeyev refrained. Korchevnikov, who has repeatedly said that he lives according to Christian commandments, does not comment the situation.

However, the scandal put Stanislav Sadalsky. In his microblog, he spoke on account of the situation that is going on in the ROC and on the channel "Spas".

"I as an Orthodox man in amazement watching that Orthodoxy happens. After it began to approve and support the government, after the election of Patriarch Kirill..." (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. — wrote Sadalsky. "Hypocrisy, hypocrisy.. But on the other hand... Who would believe that subtle korchevnikov "BEAT"(???) of his subordinate?".

According to the artist this is another is unpopular among viewers of the channel.


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