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Sati Kazanova is experiencing due to the betrayal of a close person

Some of the friends of the singer grabbed the "star" disease

Sati Casanova in his microblog shared her experiences with followers. She told me that she failed her close friend who neglected to fulfill their obligations. The singer complained that the beginning of their career they were together, worked together, supported each other, helping to succeed — it was spotless. But now the situation has changed dramatically.

"Then suddenly one side behaves as in childhood it's called "conceited". Frequent story of life, sadly" (hereinafter the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., — complained the girl. "I now think maybe I, too, once their behavior unwillingly, some of the old friends gave this to think and feel, say, "star got" too big "nosadella", etc... karmiska Suddenly came back like a boomerang?".

According to Sati, she is now insulting to tears. She believes that if a person, having achieved success, have changed the attitude of old friends, he lost his dignity. So it is not necessary to communicate, you just have to erase from your life.


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