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Jan Tsapnik was fascinated by the space program

Girl in a special form nearly fell victim to the charm of the actor. Details — in the secular review

At the premiere of the series about the conquerors of space was discovered Vladimir Yaglych, Jan Tsapnik, Mikhail Tarabukin, Karina, Andolenko, Sergey Batalov, Boris dergachov and many others. Unfortunately, not Mikhail Efremov and Nastasya Samburski, which this evening was a performance. "I guess one for two" — ironically, journalists and colleagues Michael nastasi. However, for the health and success of all missing repeatedly drank. In the evenings in addition to General good mood was a cosmic cocktail, and for dessert — delicious ice cream with liquid ice.

Ян Цапник увлекся космонавтикой

Ian Capntrade Avramenko

Jan Tsapnik once again confirmed the reputation of one of the best comedians in the country. Ian made a real feast at the press-wall. The girl in the space form attracted for posing with stars, almost fell victim to the charm and sense of humor However. Under the ironic comments in the spirit "after this they get married" actor went to the auditorium, where he made opening remarks in private show. Colleagues and the assembled press was ecstatic.

Ян Цапник увлекся космонавтикой

Sergei Avramenko Badalamenti

Sergey Batalov has admitted that the miracle was not late, because barely snuck through huge snowdrifts outside his home. In the end, the actor arrived, apparently, in the most interesting moment, and, like many colleagues, began to shoot everything on the phone. Sometimes one gets the suspicion that material captured by the star at parties, may be enough for a feature film.

Ян Цапник увлекся космонавтикой

"Team"Gennady Avramenko

Ascetic complexion stars radio broadcasts from the "gang" allowed them to try almost all the treats without harm to the figures. When the tasting was over, the trio is so imbued with the cosmic atmosphere of the action, in unison expressed hope for the imminent and inevitable desire of all girls to marry astronauts.

Ян Цапник увлекся космонавтикой

Mr Apachename Avramenko

Vladimir Yaglych this evening looking at life through green glass. The actor said that he had acquired an unusual spectacles in Thailand, which was a trip. During the party chinesetaiwan was perefotografirovat half the audience of girls and almost as many men. In the end, Vladimir and do not get to the appetizers, but was sated by the universal adoration.


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