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Aglaia Tarasova: talent inherited

At 23, she already boasts successful projects in film and television, and attractive career prospects. And this despite the fact that the acting education of the girl yet

Girl from a good family

Parents of Aglaia (the birth of a girl named Darya, alias came later) — actress Ksenia Rappoport and businessman Viktor Tarasov. And despite the fact that she has raised the child without her father, we can say that the family of Aglaia downright exemplary and very Petersburg. Famous mom, grandpa is an architect, she an engineer. When she was away for shooting or touring, she could not worry: her daughter is in good hands. Aglaya herself in interviews likes to remember a typical day with grandma. Kindergarten, ballet, music school, chess, drawing, English, French. And in the summer at the cottage at least one poem a day by heart. There is nothing surprising in the fact that now for Aglaia there is no problem to learn their role. I could tell she was preparing for her work with childhood.

But at some point she was a mother, grandmother and grandfather in the difficult teenager. The actress honestly admits that adults with it namuchalis, and still wonders how patient and understanding mother used to treat her riot of hormones. Somehow Aglaya decided to pierce his lip and already went with a friend to the salon. But when I saw how is the procedure, almost fainted not crashed, and now thank your body for that reaction.

Аглая Тарасова: талант по наследству

Little Aglaia and her mother, actress Ksenia, Rapaporte:

The battle for education

"Leave Tarasov at rest, problems will be less," — said sometimes teachers at a time when the young Aglaya peacefully asleep in class. However, the girl had a thirst for knowledge, and learning she had no problems. And yet at a very early age, Aglaia manifested the entrepreneurial spirit. After several successful films in Italy, Ksenia Rappoport was invited to the Venice film festival, Aglaya went with my mother. At a party, the future movie star the treacherous way stole the glass from which drank brad pitt, and then sold his high school sweetheart.

When it came time to decide on a future occupation, Aglaia chose political science. But already in the first year of University she was invited to star in the series "After school". The project was very successful, but in the end she decided to pursue a serious education. And would have continued if it had not received the script of the series "Hetaera major Sokolov". Picture almost a year was shot in Yalta, and when Aglaya got home, he decided not to deceive herself about their own future. The girl decided to go to the theater and perhaps would have done if she hadn't called the series "Interns".

Аглая Тарасова: талант по наследству

With a colleague on the series "Interns" by Ilya Glinnikov from Aglaia was a three-year affair. But now the former beloved I prefer not to talk about their otnosheniju: materials of press-services

At the moment, the actress is a good proof that education in her case is not the most important thing. However, Aglaya hoped that sooner or later it will become a graduated actress. Difficulties with the lack of school, she is most clearly felt during the filming of "the Internship". The Comedy has proven to be very difficult genre, and Aglaia was probably heavier than her colleagues on the set. However, the public was not interested in this kind of challenges young actress.

How is it in Serbian?

The rumors that on the set of the TV series "Interns" comes a tumultuous office romance, long haunted the secular chroniclers. However Aglaya and actor Ilya Glinnikov kept the tabloids on a starvation diet and were silent as guerrillas. But one day everything came together for the premiere of the film, which starred Elijah. Information about this novel is still a bit. According to rumors, the relationship with Aglaia and Ilya was not easy. Young people are repeatedly separated, then reconciled and were together again. Also there was talk about a scene, often staged his beloved Glinnikov. Relationship of colleagues lasted three years, and then they decided that all the same better them to be just colleagues.

Аглая Тарасова: талант по наследству

Joint shooting steel for Aglaia ater and Serbian Milos Bikovich the beginning of the office romance. A striking couple love fans and secular reportergene Avramenko

A new novel of Aglaia also became official. Filming the sports drama Aglaya and Serbian actor Milos Bikovich played skaters — and in the end get together and rehearse so close to each other colleagues, they decided to try to become an international couple. And I have to admit that Aglaia and Milos pretty well. Photographers love it, relishing the press of their jokes, but the lovers themselves don't seem to be make plans for the future and just enjoying the moment. When Aglaia ask what it's like to date a foreigner, she shrugs and says: "Impossible to fight".


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