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Ilya Lagutenko organized a dinner for a Japanese rock musician

The leader of the group "Mumiy Troll" are not often involved in social life. This time, however, there is a reason to call friends and the press

At the invitation of Elijah to Moscow there has arrived its old friend, the leader of the Japanese group X Japan, Yoshiki Hayashi. It should be noted that this musician has been living with a reputation as one of the most influential Asian rock artists, but that doesn't make him look like a bronze monument to himself. Mr. Hayashi is a very humble and incredibly kind sir, and with the filing of Elijah he's very interested in Russian culture.

Илья Лагутенко организовал обед для японского рок-музыканта

Singer Alain Sviridov and producer Anna Avramenko Sizegenetic

The musician has brought to Moscow the documentary We Are X about your group and the time spent in Moscow, was able to meet with their local fans. In turn, Ilya Lagutenko presented a film about the world tour of the group "Mumiy Troll" and announced a new album.

Илья Лагутенко организовал обед для японского рок-музыканта

Date private dinner coincided with the birthday of the guitarist of the band "Mumiy Troll" Artem Kritsin. In the end, the cake was made in honor of the Japanese guest and for imeninnitse Avramenko

The dinner itself was dedicated not so much cooking as communication. To pay his respects to the Russian and Japanese rock stars came Alena Sviridova, Olga Kormukhina and her husband Alexander Belov, Sergei Voronov, Vladimir Matetskiy and many others.


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